Monthly Ping TV Subscription

35.00 / month

NB! Monthly subscriptions are charged in Euros and the currency converter on this page is only to be used as an indication for estimated values in your currency, which does fluctuate according to the exchange rate.



Product Description

  1. The subscription price is for monthly subscription only (no contract on a month to month basis)
  2. Package includes 350+ Live TV Channels.
  3. 7 Day Catch up on all popular channels
  4. Video Club which consists of over 25000 movie & series titles, from the latest block buster movies to the greatest movies of all time to view on-demand.
  5. Audio Club which consists of over 2000 albums to listen to or create your own playlists.
  6. Radio which consists of 93 popular UK radio stations.

You have a choice of 3 options when using our system:

  1. You can use our MAG 254 set top box (which can be bought from us).
  2. You can use your own android box (depending on compatibility)
  3. Or simply install our Smart TV app on your Samsung or LG smart TV.


  1. Please ensure you have the correct requirements to use our system like correct internet setup and speed before you sign up as this will be vital to the quality of your viewing experience. Not sure what you need? Contact us and we can advise you:


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